High Growth Precious Metal Investment Strategy​

Using our proprietary algorithms, Auctus Metal Portfolios’ Provectus Model 2 achieved an Average Net Compound Annual Growth Rate of +24.26% over the last 20 years, offering a high growth investment opportunity in physical precious metals.

Auctus Provectus Model 2 – High Growth Precious Metal Investment

The portfolio has been designed to diversify risk between a basket of 5 precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium), all of which are held physically by our clients, vaulted and insured. All past returns as well as the algorithmic models have been fully audited and the results verified by BDO Global accounting firm. The results for this portfolio are considerably more superior when compared to other traditionally more risky investments.  

The Auctus Provectus Model 2 is the more aggressive of the Auctus Precious Metal Investment Strategy and this portfolio has been designed to take into consideration our clients’ desire for a more growth-driven approach to investing in a basket of precious metals. The model is designed to identify opportunities where market dislocations occur and take more aggressive physical positions in markets where there is the greatest opportunity to outperform the other basket of precious metals. In a market where liquidity is key, we still give consideration to the relative liquidity of the various precious metals markets, however the model is more driven to ascertain returns in the less liquid precious metals. This will sometimes mean higher weightings in the rarer metals such as Palladium and Rhodium.

Net returns are always paramount when investing with Auctus and whilst the High Growth Portfolio provides a more aggressive approach to our clients’ diversified precious metal investment strategy holdings, it will typically deliver higher returns to our clients in line with the slightly increased risk they are prepared to take. The returns from this portfolio significantly outperform those of a traditionally passive approach to simply buying and holding one or two precious metals.

Auctus Metal Portfolios’ clients are provided industry-leading research into the various precious metals markets with industry experts providing comprehensive insights into what drives metal markets and what to expect from a supply-demand and pricing perspective in the future. The objective is always to educate our clients as to expected price movements and the underlying fundamentals that drives returns in each precious metal group.

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