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Auctus Metal Portfolios offers a physical precious metal investment management system that optimally weights and periodically re-balances our client’s metal holdings between Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium in order to maximise net returns to the client.


Annualised Net Compound Return on Investment To Clients To 31 December, 2021

From 1 January 2016:
Provectus Model 2: +43.34%
Provectus Model 1: +460.94%

From 1 January 2019:
Provectus Model 2: +142.44%
Provectus Model 1: +79.08%

From 1 January 2020:
Provectus Model 2: +30.64%
Provectus Model 1: +27.80%

Clients’ returns are managed according to Auctus Metal Portfolios’ proprietary diversification strategy using a basket of precious metals. Over 55 variables are analysed using live metal data feeds to optimally weight and periodically re-balance our clients’ physical metal holdings. We have consistently delivered an alpha return over and above the benchmark for Gold.


Auctus Metal Portfolios developed a physical precious metal investment management system that successfully balances clients’ physical precious metal ownership between Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium. Portfolio adjustments occur throughout the year to maximise net returns to clients. Our outsized returns are based on zero exposure to collateralization, paper trading or any leverage whatsoever. Our clients keep physical precious metals in their own tax-free, wholly segregated and fully insured (by Lloyd’s of London) vaults at Le Freeport Singapore. Our clients have full ownership and control of their precious metals at all times. Clients’ portfolios are monitored on a live basis by Auctus Metal Portfolios according to our proprietary portfolio models. This cutting-edge approach (essentially applying Modern Portfolio Theory to bullion) is coupled with our state-of-the-art vaulting and logistics systems and is designed to deliver long term returns to our clients from their precious metal holdings. Auctus Metal Portfolios have historically far outperformed the benchmark for Gold and a broad spectrum of asset classes.


Clients who wish to actively grow and generate a return from their physical precious metal holdings whilst maintaining absolute control and ownership of their investment should consider Auctus Metal Portfolios. We believe we have solved that age-old problem of generating a positive return on physical metals “Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium,Rhodium ” (akin to earning a dividend from shares) and this is the guiding principle behind the creation of Auctus Metal Portfolios.


The client continues to hold their physical precious metals within their private storage at Le Freeport Singapore, independently allocated under their own family name or corporate entity. Clients have complete visibility of their precious metals at all times including: hourly valuations, insurance, independent audits (which are conducted by our premier vaulting custodian Malca-Amit) and full associated ownership rights. With the Provectus Models Management System the Auctus Metal Portfolios team instigates physical precious metal swaps, adjusting the allocation of a client’s physical holdings from one precious metal to another, in order to take advantage of price trigger events signalled by the algorithm. This is conducted in accordance with a client’s specific risk profile and thus provides our clients with an actively managed portfolio. Overall returns to Auctus Metal Portfolios’ clients far exceed those of a static physical precious metal holding (after all costs have been stripped out)

A client’s portfolio mix changes between metals on average 2 – 3 times a year. Our signals are based on retrospective back-testing of the algorithms over the last 50 years. Our algorithms target pricing anomalies between the 5 precious metals “Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium,Rhodium ”  whose pricing dynamics are measured constantly. The algorithms are actively reviewed on a daily basis. Each client’s precious metals portfolio is unique in its weightings or makeup, depending on the specific date of entry and choice of Provectus Model 1 (Balanced Portfolio) or Model 2 (High Growth).


Auctus Metal Portfolios is helmed by two of the leading authorities on precious metals in Asia Pacific, David J Mitchell and Scott MacRae. Both experienced specialist bullion dealers and logistics experts have held leadership roles in globally renowned financial institutions, investment banks and accountancy firms. Both David and Scott have extensive experience in financial investment management and trading across a multitude of traditional asset classes and have held senior executive roles covering vaulting, commodity production and global logistics.

With exhaustive market research, in-depth analysis and thorough industry communication the Auctus Metal Portfolios team produces unrivalled analysis of the metal markets. Through our unique partnerships, we bring together four independent, global bullion and logistics companies, to leverage their respective operating sizes, market experience, knowledge base, logistic solutions and clientele. This network provides extraordinary benefits to our clients by increasing their investment returns and providing access to enormous liquidity.

Our proprietary portfolios are solely focused on optimizing returns for clients by identifying breakdowns in the pricing correlations between the five key precious metals Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium to determine profitable trading opportunities. The Auctus Metal Portfolios team then instigates the metal swaps required based on specific trade trigger events identified by our Provectus Models 1 & 2. Once a portfolio adjustment is identified, we then trade at the very best wholesale prices as a result of maintaining an extensive partnership network dealing in physical metals. This includes long term relationships with mints, precious metal refineries, wholesale suppliers and bullion dealers around the world.

Auctus Metal Portfolios clients therefore have unrivalled access to the most competitive wholesale pricing, enjoy the lowest costs for trading and vaulting their metals, and the comfort of knowing their bullion assets are being managed by long term industry experts.

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