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AUCTUS has fully developed a physical precious metal management system that swaps client’s physical precious metal ownership between different precious metals groups to maximise returns to clients.

Clients have full ownership and control of their precious metals

Our client’s physical precious metals holdings are managed by Auctus according to our proprietary algorithms that utilize our vaulting and logistics system to deliver long term returns to customers on their physical precious metals holdings that out-perform the benchmark of gold and a broad spectrum of differing asset classes.

Auctus is built on partnerships effectively bringing together key industry stakeholders

AUCTUS team are shareholders of Auctus incorporating specialist skill sets of bullion trading, vaulting specialists, logistics, security and information systems.

All Auctus clients will be able to leverage off the size of our portfolio, market experience and knowledge of our team and relationships with suppliers. Auctus has recognised a significant opportunity in weighting the decision to invest in specific physical metal portfolio holdings, utilizing historical price ratios, global supply-demand dynamics, implied option volatility and production price cost levels as well as several other significant indicators. The Auctus team has built a series of algorithms that utilize more than 50 differing variables with live inputs that decide when to re-weight a clients metals holdings; these models have been developed over a long period of time and have been back-tested using over 40 year’s worth of daily metal price data. Auctus precious metals portfolios have recorded significant CAGR returns which can be tailored to the risk profile of our customers. 

“How can we grow and generate a return from our physical metal holdings held in vaults, without selling, collateralizing or trading?”

Our Expert Team

Our team are highly qualified and experienced specialist bullion dealers and logistics experts who operate global investment portfolios for clients around the world.  We have held leadership roles in globally renowned financial institutions in various capacities of financial investment management and trading both classic asset classes and globally recognised brands in vaulting, commodity production and global logistics.

Through exhaustive research, market analysis and industry communication the AUCTUS team is able to produce comprehensive analysis of metal markets through our unique partnerships

David Mitchell

Director and Managing Partner

David’s career in investment trading & banking started in 1986, working for some of the world’s most renowned banks. His professional roles encompassed Money Market and FX trading, Chief dealer and heading Proprietary Risk management. He left banking in 2006 to open a private family trust and invested his own capital alongside several of his close clients to return over 110% FUM (funds under management) during the turbulent GFC period. In early 2014, David returned to Singapore to set up IPM Group within the investment physical bullion sector. The company has grown quickly on the back of bespoke portfolio advise to his clients within physical precious metals. Their net returns to date have proven their faith in what he has developed.

He originally developed the basis for the algorithms on recognizing pricing anomalies in the precious metals markets and realising actively re-balancing the physical metals portfolio was paramount.  These anomalies included long-term cycles, pricing ratios, macro-economic conditions, supply demand analyses amongst many other variables. He has published numerous and regular market analyses covering macro-economic conditions, FX markets and of course analyses of the physical precious metals market and where to seek value with a focus on time frames and cycles.

Presently David is also the Director of Baird & Co, the largest gold refinery in the UK, responsible for managing their wholesale Asia operations.

Scott MacRae (B. Econ, Llb)

Director and Chairman

Scott has three decades of experience in financial management, commodities and logistics. After specializing in International Tax and Trade, Scott left Ernst and Young in Australia to head up a large agricultural business based in Australia and China. As the Managing Director, Scott was involved in the relocation of its production facilities to China and rebuilding its international marketing strategies. Scott specialized in developing long term supply relationships with multinational food corporations and was involved in the full supply chain development from production in Australia and China to supplying global markets in the USA, Japan, Europe and Middle East.

After a short period as an Executive Director and partner at PacBridge Partners in Hong Kong, Scott was seconded to a client primarily located in Singapore, working as the CFO of a large Agricultural and mining group. Scott focused on relocating the headquarters of the company to Singapore, setting up the trading desk, and integrating multiple commodity businesses under this platform. 

Scott is now based in the UK and owns several Vaulting and Bullion businesses world wide. Scott will be involved in the business and commercial development of Auctus as well as helping to develop the long-term strategies of the business in the future.

Matthew Colahan (BEng Hons – Mech)

Director and CIO

Matt has three decades of experience in data analytics, commodities and logistics. Having held senior management positions across a broad range of commodity businesses throughout Australia and South-East Asia, Matt has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience developing and implementing Business Intelligence systems. This extensive range of systems development experience has culminated in him putting together the sophisticated proprietary algorithms that generate our exceptional returns.

Matt is now based in Australia, and will oversee the further development and evolution of our BI systems and utilise these tools to provide valuable trading information to our partners and clients. 

Justin Khoo

Director and Head of Logistics

Justin started his career with Malca-Amit, and was quickly promoted to Vault Manager of their Singapore operations. He was then appointed to help expand the wholesale operations of Baird & Co. London gold refinery and sales operations covering the Asia region as a Manager. 

We are proud to add Justin as a Director of Operations and Logistics, who brings his expertise to Auctus Metal Portfolios to help support, diversify and grow the client’s portfolios and support business growth and customer relations.

What this brings to our clients…

The AUCTUS partnerships bring together four independent global bullion and logistic companies leveraging off their size, market experience, knowledge base, logistics and clientele which will ultimately provide benefits to our clients by increasing their investment returns.

Our internally built proprietary portfolio algorithms are focused entirely on optimising returns for clients by identifying breakdowns in the precious metal correlations to determine trading opportunities.

AUCTUS fully instigates the metal swaps required based on trade trigger events generated by our models. We trade at the best wholesale prices, our team are constantly checking physical precious metals wholesale prices through our extensive partnership network. We have a significant number of very strong relationships with precious metal refineries, wholesale suppliers and bullion dealers.

This means AUCTUS clients have access to competitive wholesale pricing, lowest cost of trading and vaulting, and the comfort of knowing their assets are being managed by experts.

AUCTUS Partnerships

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