Portfolio Management Delivering Superior Returns From Client's Wholly Segregated Physical Precious Metals
Consistently Delivering an Outperformance vs. a Static Holding of Gold
Exceptional, Safe Investment Returns From a Traditionally Defensive Tier 1 Asset Class Wealth Preservation in Hard, Monetary Assets
Grow Your Physical Precious Metal Holdings By Simply Re-Weighting Your Portfolio with Auctus
Let's look at the facts...
Active Physical Precious Metal Portfolio Management Proprietary Algorithm With 55 Variables Signals Portfolio Adjustments
AUCTUS brings together market experience, logistics and trading skills which ultimately benefits our clients by increasing their investment returns.

“Solving that age-old problem of generating a positive yield from physical metals.”

All our returns and our algorithms have been fully audited and verified by BDO Australia.

Through exhaustive research, market analysis and industry relationships the Auctus Metal Portfolios team is able to produce comprehensive and market-beating analysis of the precious metal markets.

Precious metals hold no 3rd party liability (unlike any other monetary asset) and are considered the only true safe collateral in times of crisis – an insurance and a wealth preservation vehicle. 

Our proprietary Provectus Models, vaulting and logistics systems deliver long-term returns to customers from their physical precious metal holdings. Our historical audited and verified returns outperform the benchmark for gold and a broad spectrum of traditional asset classes.  

Auctus Metal Portfolios Will Actively Manage Your Physical Metal Holdings

“Diversification may preserve wealth, but concentration builds wealth.”

Warren Buffett

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