Balanced Precious Metal Investment Strategy

Using our proprietary algorithms, Auctus Metal Portfolios’ Provectus Model 1 achieved an Average Net Compound Annual Growth Rate of +24.26% over the last 20 year. Investing in a diversified portfolios of physical precious metals has never been easier.

Auctus Provectus Model 1 – Balance / High Liquidity

This investment portfolio model was designed to diversify risk between a basket of 5 precious metals: Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium, all of which are held physically by our clients in their own wholly segregated, fully allocated and insured bullion vaults. Our proprietary algorithm and client returns have both been fully audited and verified by BDO Global.

Provectus Model 1 is the more conservative of the Auctus Metal Portfolios models and is specifically designed to take into consideration our clients’ preference for a more risk-averse approach to investing across a basket of physical precious metals. In a market where liquidity is key, we give consideration to the relative liquidity of each of the 5 key precious metals markets and place a heavier weighting on precious metals with larger and more liquid markets. This reduces the risk of larger price movements within the client’s portfolio. Maintaining high liquidity from your investment in physical precious metals will allow you to liquidate your portfolio more quickly and efficiently at any given time.

Whilst this ‘Balanced Portfolio’ Model provides a more conservative approach, it has historically delivered returns that are far superior to those one would expect from a traditional, static precious metal holding.

Auctus Metal Portfolios’ clients are provided with an abundance of industry-leading research into the precious metal markets, with a particular focus on the macroeconomic landscape and respective industrial usages of each metal as well as the impact of supply and demand dynamics on expected future price movements. We invest a lot of time in educating each and every one of our clients on what are the measurable drivers of each metal’s expected price movements.

Precious Metal Investment