Balanced Precious Metal Investment Strategy

Auctus Provectus Model 1 – Balanced

Using our proprietary algorithm (artificial intelligence), the Auctus Provectus Model 1 achieves an average net compound annual growth rate of +19.57 percent over the last 20 years. The portfolio model has been designed to diversify risk between a basket of 5 precious metals (Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium and Rhodium), all of which will be held physically by our clients vaulted and insured. Naturally all past returns and the algorithm iself has been fully Audited and results verified by BDO Global accounting firm proving our sensational trading figures are not too good to be true.

The Auctus Provectus model 1 is the more conservative of the Auctus portfolios and this portfolio has been designed taking into consideration our clients desire for a more conservative approach to investing in a basket of precious metals. In a market where liquidity is key, we give both consideration to the relative liquidity of the various precious metals markets and puts a heavier weighting on precious metals with deeper more liquid markets. This therefore reduces the risk of larger pricing movements in our client’s portfolio. Clients when invested in more liquid precious metals will also find that in the event, they wish to do so will be able to liquidate their portfolios quickly and efficiently. Having a liquid source of investment capital is often preferable to harder than liquidate investments particularly in uncertain times.

Investment returns as always with Auctus are paramount and whilst the Balanced Portfolio provides a more conservative approach to our clients’ precious metals portfolios it still delivers returns far superior to a traditional passive precious metal holding. 

Auctus clients are also provided industry leading research into the various precious metals markets with industry experts providing insider insights as to what drives these markets and what to expect from a supply, demand and pricing perspective in the future. The objective is always to educate our clients as to expected price movements and underlying details as to what drives their returns in each precious metals group. 

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