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The market problem:

We have been approached on many occasions by clients asking how can they actually grow and generate a return from their physical metal holdings held in their vaults without selling, collateralizing or trading with their holdings.

Solving that age-old problem of generating a positive return on physical metals (similar to earning a dividend from shares has been the inspiration between the shareholders establishing Auctus).

Our solution:

The client continues to hold their physical metals within their private storage within Auctus global vaulting solutions (i.e. in their own fully allocated family name). Clients will always have complete visibility of their metals, valuations, insurance, independently audited, held by our vaulting custodian and full associated ownership rights. With our models and algorithm instructing management system the Auctus team would simply instigate physical metal swaps between specific precious metals adjusting their physical holdings from one precious metal to another in order to take advantage of signals provided by the algorithms according to client’s specific risk profiles. The overall returns to our clients inclusive of all costs far outstrip a static metal holding.


Physical Metal Swap Trades are being signalled and triggered on average only 5 times a year; based over the last 10 years worth of data. Over the last 41 years of recorded data the average number of physical trade swaps per annum has averaged 4.3 times. Price anomalies are targeted and measured constantly, with active management on a daily basis. Every client portfolio is unique in its makeup dependent on preference of portfolio, but more importantly date of entry. Several clients of the same portfolio can have completely unique percentage weightings based of their dates of entry.